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Certified French Translation Service



Translation in the modern world has become a necessity. Globalization has made translation a must in the recent world. People have been migrating to various countries across the world but the flow of immigrants to France is more than any other country. This increases the need of French translation more than any other language. The French Translation Service has been one of the translation needs our team excels in. We offer certified French translation service and can guarantee satisfaction. Our team of translators make sure that, French to English or English to French translation is done with perfection.

French Translation takes place in a proper process and hence we deliver the highest quality translation in no time. The translation process followed by The Translation Company for certified translation makes it easier for the translators to deliver the project on time. The process that we follow has a scheduled rule:

  1. Translation of the document
  2. Checking or verification of the translated document
  3. Revision of the checked document
  4. Review of the monolingual document
  5. Proofreading the translated document
  6. Final Verification before delivery
  7. Delivery of the final translated document and Client Feedback.


Our translations are not only of the highest quality but we also provide certified French translation service.  Our certified translations of the documents are accepted by almost all the governments and other authorities. We can translate and certify almost all the documents such as

  • French Academic transcript translation
  • French Adoption certificate translation
  • French Apprenticeship certificate translations
  • French Bank statement translation
  • French Birth certificate translation
  • French Business translation
  • French Certificate of good conduct
  • French Coroner Report translation
  • French Death certificate translations
  • French Degree translation
  • French Diploma translation
  • French document translation
  • French Electricity bill translation
  • French Email translation
  • French Employment pass Translations
  • French Employment contract translations
  • French Employment letter translation
  • French Export permit translations
  • French Financial translation
  • French Identity card / family booklet translations
  • French Insurance Claim Document Translations
  • French Import permit translations
  • French ICA Translation
  • French Journeyman certificate translations
  • French Letter and card translations
  • French Marriage certificate translation
  • French Master tradesman certificate translations
  • French Medical report translation
  • French Migration translation
  • French Motorcycle licence translations
  • French Name-change certificate translations
  • French Payslip translation
  • French Passport translations
  • French Patents and legal contract translation
  • French Penal clearance certificate translation
  • French Police report translation
  • French Police clearance translation
  • French Power of attorney translations
  • French Receipts and invoices
  • French Resume translations
  • French Single-status certificate translations
  • French Statutory declaration translations
  • French Survey translation
  • French Telephone bill translations
  • French Web site translation
  • French Book translation

Moreover we also have a complete and dedicated template for each and every translation service that gives a proper and certified French translation service.

Why Us?

The Translation Company, Ireland has been working hard to make sure the Certified French Translations are of the best quality and at the same time they are cheap and delivered fast. Our certified French translations are cheap French translation service and they are also delivered faster than many other translation service providers and hence our French translation service is also called as Fast translation service.

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