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Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services


Interpretation Service is a translation activity, wherein the interpreter produces a first and final translation, with a onetime exposure to an utterance in the source language. We bring forward the best interpretation service at best prices.

Why Interpretation Service?

Interpretation service is required if your employees, colleagues or share holders are from multiple countries with different languages and they are in a need of real-time information in a language understood by them. The Translation Company provides high quality professional interpretation services. We provide our rigorous quality not only to those whose colleagues, employees or share holders are at different places but we also provide our extensive services for commercial purpose too. You can use our services for commercial purpose, public sector organizations such as councils, police and many others.

Native Interpreters Hired 

The Translation Company has a bunch of interpreters suited for your need. We select these interpreters locally so that you get the highest quality interpretation service. These interpretations are checked very carefully so that our hired interpreters go above the required check, security clearances, and qualifications and all over experience.

Various Languages Taken Care Of

Our interpretation services are provided by very highly qualified native personals. The quality of interpretation is higher than any other translation and interpretation companies. We, understand your needs and provide interpretation and translation services in various languages such as:




With a customer satisfaction rate of over 99%, we are confident we can deliver consistent quality at competitive rates. You won't find any better anywhere in Ireland.


The Translation Company provides English into Over 100 Languages Translation throughout Ireland. All documents are translated by professional mother tongue translators.


As a leading Irish translation agency, we guarantee that you won’t find any cheaper quote elsewhere that offers high quality and expertise than we do. High quality service at affordable cost.

Why choose The Translation Company

  • Cost
    The Translation Company provides you with the best translation service at a very affordable cost. The Translation we provide is done by certified translators and…
  • Speed
    The Translation Company complies with the time frame provided by the company. We make sure we provide you the translation under the time frame prescribed…
  • Accuracy and assurance
    The Translation Company enables the highest quality translation and the accuracy parameter set by us is quite high. We have been striving hard to make…
  • Technology
    The Translation Company uses advanced technology to make sure that the delivered translation is one of the best. We enable the highest level technology into…