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Localisation Services


So, what exactly is the difference between translation and localization? Put simply, translation focuses mainly on the conversion of lexical units and strings from the source to the target language, while localization takes social and aesthetic differences of the target demographic into account. It could be summed up as ‘cultural customisation.' These factors are vital to making the language of the website seem natural and native. Examples of these non-linguistic translation tasks that make up the tasks of localization are the different formats of dates around the world or what currency symbols and conventions are used - for example, the Russian rouble symbol will appear on the number, but the Pound symbol (£) will appear before. Similarly, it is wise to be attuned to the standards of payment options in your target market – people are careful with their money, and you can avoid putting them off by making sure they can pay in a way that suits them.

Localisation is essentially website translation that incorporates development and design, based on your target audience's cultural tastes and preferences. Specialised developers will then make sure that the strings and variables match the target language.



High-quality localisation

At Today Translations, we offer a highly structured, comprehensive and innovative approach to our website translation and localization services. The name that we've coined for this process is 4DMR - Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy, Measure and Refine. Aside from undertaking the website translation, we also:

* conduct a cultural brand audit
* run an online keyword search analysis for the target region
* discuss cultural design guidelines, including layout and imagery
* uploading the translation on to a test version of your website
conducting a local, native review
* measure and monitor website performance


Delivery and services, tailored to your needs

We work to meet your requirements regardless of your preferred means of service or delivery. We strive to accommodate all special requests.

If you prefer to have your translated website uploaded directly onto your content management system, we are happy to do so. If you wish to have our team of developers to work directly with your platform, localizing strings and tags within your code, we are happy to do so. Or if you simply prefer having the website translation submitted in a spreadsheet, we will deliver. We don’t try to second-guess our clients’ priorities; we just make a point of providing flexibility in our service.




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