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Refund Policy

img_31.The Translation Company holds no liability to complete a translation, localization or interpretation service for the price quoted in case the word count or matter of the document diverges from the source Material once quoted. At the occurrence of this event, The Translation Company will provide the Client with the updated quote with the difference owing for the accomplishment of services and rectified turnaround date, in the case is necessary. The Client may prefer to receive a full refund instead if the rectified quote is not admissible.

2. Concerning to the affected Services, The Translation Company will refund the Client if:
a. The service is no longer required: the Client ends the Contract (or partially end the inherent Contract);

b. The Service is not delivered: the translation, localization or interpretation is not delivered to the Client after 4 working days from the deadline stipulated in the accepted quote. In case the Client does not provide all necessary information to The Translation Company in a reasonable amount of time, as requested by The Translation Company.

c. The Service is not-as-required: the Delivered Material as provided to the Client diverges substantially from the delivery expected by the Client and as specified in the accepted quote (for example, the delivered materials were translated to a mistaken language); or

d. The Translation, Localisation, Interpretation contain serious errors: the Delivered Material contain serious errors, considering that the Client must first, within the specified period, request us to review the material to correct such errors and identify the errors in the Delivered Material. If the Client identifies or requests a revision after the specified period, the Client will not be granted a refund.

3. In the event of any monetary reimbursement, the payment will be the total amount paid by the Client for the affected Services, reducing from this amount the inherent courier and handling costs, and only if the following actions/conditions have been completed/fulfilled within 10 working days of submission of the relevant delivery to the Client:


a. The request for a refund is received by The Translation Company via email to Please, have in mind that phone calls will not be enough for this matter. In your request you must include: Service, date of commissioning, name of company which the service was commissioned, name of the individual the invoice was billed to, email address used at the time of the commissioning and the payment manner chose to pay for the relevant service (e.g., Credit Card, Cash, Bank Transfer, etc.).

b. The Client carried out the necessary checklist and provided the appropriate background, overview, target public, language tone desired, reserved words specifications and glossary terms as requested before dispatch of the any of the Source Materials by The Translation Company.

c. Where relevant: the Client has explained thoroughly why any revision proposed by The Translation Company would not be valid.

d. A business that is endorsed by the Client and submitted to The Translation Company that expressly declares that the Client will not fully or partially use the pertinent service delivered by The Translation Company for personal, business, commercial or any other purpose.

4. The Translation Company will not measure efforts to investigate the matter and where applicable will process any monetary reimbursement within 5 Working Days of receipt of a request for a refund. However, refund requests may take up to two weeks to investigate and process. The client will receive a reply as soon as The Translation Company defines whether or not a refund is applicable. If The Translation Company determines that the refund request meets all the requirements of this policy, The Translation Company will transmit it to the Client and inform the Client about the payment method of choice to refund the sum paid.