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We help speak your language LEARN MORE We improve worldwide communication while preserving language and cultural heritage around the world. OUR SERVICES

What we do

THE TRANSLATION COMPANY is your reliable translation service provider for all kinds of projects and businesses. We are here to overcome the challenges of globalization by bridging the communication gap through language and translation services. We offer translation and interpretation services in many languages ranging from the most common to the rarest.


In a world that speaks over 7,000 languages, The Translation Company allows people to understand each other and establish clear communication in terms of business and legal concepts, educational models, or entertainment ideas without having to learn another language.

Our mission is to improve worldwide communication and preserve the language and cultural heritage around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Translation Company ensures consistency when it comes to quality and accuracy for translation service. It uses not only powerful software but also human intelligence in order for translations and interpretations to be as organic and more understandable as possible.

Our professional translators are carefully selected in order for project managers to attain the desired output. Also, with the tools that we have, we guarantee quality assurance for our every client.

Translation rates depend on a number of factors. The Translation Company takes into consideration the following aspects for us to be to quote a reasonable and reliable rate:

  • Origin language and the target language
  • Type of project (Is this for technical, marketing, or legal purpose?)
  • The complexity of the project
  • Length of the project
  • Deadline of the project
  • Any other specific needs or requests as provided by our client

If you want to know how much your translation, interpretation, or localisation project costs, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss them with you.

After we have successfully delivered our translation service, we provide our clients ample time to pay within a period of 5 days.

Should you prefer to pay in advance, you can do so. Our staff will assist in facilitating this option.

Also, for our regular clients, we provide a billing alternative that offers a 30-day payment policy up to 60-day payment policy.

The Translation Company provides you the following guarantees:

  • Quality: We make sure that translations and interpretations undergo quality assurance processes so all interpretations, translations, and localisations made are accurate and true to their meaning.
  • Prompt Delivery: While quality is one of our highest priorities, we make sure that prompt and efficient delivery is not compromised.  Our systematized workflow guarantees that no project will be left delayed.
  • Competent and highly experienced team: As a language service provider, we guarantee that our translators and interpreters are qualified and experienced to do the job. We ensure that we only select professionals and team members who are native speakers and can offer organic local translation services.

There is no minimum requirement when it comes to the size of your order.


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