Who We Are?

TTC Translation Services is a translation & interpreting company.

Our linguists are highly qualified specialists

Unlock the power of global communication with our professional translation services. Our team of expert linguists ensures accurate and culturally sensitive translations across a wide range of industries and languages.

A wide range of interpreting services

Facilitate seamless communication across languages with our interpreting services. Our qualified interpreters ensure smooth and accurate communication in any setting. Whether you need simultaneous or consecutive interpretation.

Localization services is our specialty

Expand your reach and connect with your target audience on a local level with our localization services. We adapt your content to resonate with specific cultural nuances, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.

Customized transcripts of all media types

From audio recordings to video files, we provide precise and reliable transcription services. Our experienced transcribers deliver verbatim or summarized transcripts with meticulous attention to detail.

Why Us?

Our qualified & experienced professionals must pass our rigorous testing.

Our project management teams offer a professional and friendly service with an in-depth understanding of project requirements. We work with total respect for our clients’ deadlines and budgets.

Legal & Academic

Our global team is well-versed in the intricate nuances of legal and academic terminology, handling these documents with utmost discretion and precision.

Technology & Software

The fast-paced IT industry requires top-notch translation and localization services to effectively reach global audiences.

Business & Finance

Accurate localization of financial content is crucial for global organizations to comply with local laws and regulations, ensuring adherence to compliance standards.

Public Sector & Govt

When conveying developments or sensitive information within government entities, maintaining the effectiveness of the information as a precise communication tool is crucial.

Popular translation languages

A small selection of the most common languages that TTC translates.

TTC provides a full suite of translation and localization services in all major European, Asian, Middle Eastern, African and American languages. Language Connections regularly translates both from and into the ones listed below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions

We’ve compiled answers to frequently asked questions about translation and interpreting services. Explore our Translation Services FAQ for more details.

Choose TTC Translation Services for expert translations tailored to your industry, ensuring accuracy, timeliness, and personalized solutions. Our commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and cutting-edge technology sets us apart from the competition.

Translation deals with written text, converting it from one language to another while preserving meaning and style. Interpreting involves orally translating spoken language in real-time to facilitate communication between speakers of different languages.

We offer translation services in a wide range of languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and many more.

We translate various types of documents, including legal contracts, technical manuals, marketing materials, websites, academic papers, medical documents, and more.

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